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Sample Lesson #1 - Example of a sample video lesson

Understanding your guitar

Image of the guitar and explanation of different parts

The Strings and Frets

Finger numbering and how to hold a pick

The strings are numbered 1-6. The 6th string is the thickest, lowest-pitched string—the one closest to the ceiling when the guitar is in playing position. The 1st string is the thinnest, highest-pitched string—the one closest to the floor when the guitar is in playing position. Following is a list of the strings and their letter names.

6th string is (low) E
5th string is A
4th string is D
3rd string is G
2nd string is B
1st string is (high) E

The frets are the strips of metal that go across the fingerboard. These are also labeled by number, with the 1st fret being just above the headstock. In this book, we will use only frets 1-3.


New Strum: The Eighth-Note Downstrum

Example of Downstrum

Our new strum uses eighth notes, which are one half of a beat each and are counted: 1-&, 2-&, 3-&, 4-&, etc. A beat (or a quarter note) can be divided into two eighth notes, so with the eighth-note strum, we will be strumming eight times per measure, rather than four as with quarter notes. For the next example, we will be using a downstrum on every eighth note: In the example below, there are two measures of eighth notes. Practice playing both the A7 and G chord using this strum. Next, practice changing chords. Go slowly and don't rush. You can speed up once you have the chord change down pat.

Guitar Chords

Most common guitar chords

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